Missionaries & Christian Organizations

Below are a list of the Missionaries and Christian Organizations we support. They have gotten the call of God to reach the masses with the Gospel of Jesus and have accepted it.

  • Alliance Defending Freedom


    Alliance Defending Freedom is an alliance-building legal organization that advocates for the right of people to freely live out their faith. Recognizing the need for a strong, coordinated legal defense against growing attacks on religious freedom, more than 30 prominent Christian leaders launched Alliance Defending Freedom in 1994. Over the past 20 years, this unique legal organization has brought together thousands of Christian attorneys and like-minded organizations that work tirelessly to advocate for the right of people to freely live out their faith in American and around the world.

  • Baptist Bible Fellowship International

    Scott & Norma Edwards in Portugal


    The Baptist Bible Fellowship International is officially a fellowship of pastors, and by extension, a network of preachers, churches, missionaries, and educational institutions worldwide, affiliated for the purpose of church planting and sharing the truth of the Word of God. They administrate the policies determined by the pastors of the BBFI. However they recognize the sending church as the missionary's final authority and as the Biblical sending agency. It assures the supporting pastor that the missionaries have met certain doctrinal, educational, practical and health requirements that are set before them. BBFI is financed by faith - through the giving of churches, individuals and missionaries. 

  • Baptist Missions to Forgotten People

    Jon & Caroly DeRusha, Asian Field Administrators


    As the Field Administrators, their vision is to equip national Christians "for the work of the ministry". BMFP's primary purpose is to assist independent Baptist churches in giving aid and watch-care to those whom they send to the mission fields of the world under the authority of their local churches. With the primary direction and objective of church planting world-wide, the purpose of BMFP is to provide missionaries with an avenue for implementing innovated ministries in reaching the several thousand pockets of "forgotten people" in the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. "Who are the forgotten peoples?" Forgotten people are those needing the Gospel that we often pass by on the way to the traditional mission fields of the world. BMFP Missionaries circle the globe bringing hope to forgotten ethnic groups, teenage runaways, alcoholics, prisoners, military personnel and the disadvantaged and overlooked.

  • Child Evangelism Fellowship

    Diana Joss


    Child Evangelism Fellowship, also known as CEF, is a Bible-centered, worldwide organization composed of born-again believers whose purpose is to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to establish (disciple) them in the local church for Christian living. CEF was founded by Jesse Irvin Overholtzer in 1937. Growing up in a religious family, Jesse at the age of 12 was convicted of his own sin and sought counsel from his mother. He was told, "Son, you are too young." It wasn't until Overholtzer was in college that he heard the Gospel and trust Christ as his Savior. Later as a pastor Mr. Overholtzer read one of Charles Spurgeon's sermons which state, "A child of five, if properly instructed can truly believe and be regenerated as an adult." The Lord used this statement in Mr. O's life to lead him to begin the ministry of CEF is when he was 60 years old. The ministry has grown into the largest evangelistic outreach to children in the world. CEF is currently ministering in over 192 countries and in every state in the U.S. CEF has many different ministers for children, but the three primary ones are the Good News Club, the 5-Day Club and the Truth Chasers Club.

  • Christian Resource International

    Fowlerville, MI


    Started over 60 years ago with a simple man with a simple but profound dream, and a heart to fulfill Matthew 28:19 - to go and make disciples. The Word of God does not return void, so what better way to train, lead, and equip than to send Bibles - the word of God! Christians in other countries need access to Bibles but lack the money to get them. In America, studies show that the average home has 7 extra Bibles sitting around the house. From the beginning, one man's dream of a few books going overseas has turned into a Worldwide Global Mission with companions like you who are strategically sharing, sending and sowing God's Word to every nation. Since 1956 the mission of CRI has been reclaiming God's resources for His purposes. We have done this by asking people to share their bookshelves that are filled with Bibles and god's teaching tools. Once we have received those materials, CRI sends them around the world, therefore sowing god's word into the lives of those who cannot afford it. CRI is equipping orphans, evangelists, pastors and missionaries for the works of service all the while setting up distribution centers, lending libraries, Bible college libraries , and holding crusades. The mission of CRI has planted it's first every Bible Distribution centers in Nigerian and the Philippines and has begun with the endeavor to plant more all over the world. CRI has sent over $272 Million in Bibles and Christian teaching tools to over 170 Nations around the world. When you give financially, donate Bibles,; commentaries; and christian books, you are becoming a book missionary and aligning yourself with the mission to Share, Send and Sow God's Word!

  • Forgotten Man Ministries

    Eaton County Jail


    Forgotten Man Ministries brings together inmates, chaplains, and lay-workers in the study and ministry of God's Word. Forgotten Man Ministries chaplains conduct daily in-house jail ministries that include Biblical one-on-one counseling, Bible correspondence courses, group Bible studies, discipleship training units (group Bible pods), distribution of Bibles and Christian books, showing of Christian DVD's , and the facilitation of pastor visits and local church worship services.

    The Great Commission is where Jesus told his followers to go and make disciples of all the nations. this includes jail inmates. We must follow the example of Jesus who ministered to people who were oppressed, hurting, cast aside, and labeled "sinners by their culture. today, Forgotten Man Ministries follows in Christ's footsteps by bringing the healing power of God to those incarcerated in our Michigan jails and prisons.

  • Our Daily Bread Ministries - Freedom For Prisoners Project


    Our Mission: To make the life-changing wisdom of the Bible understandable and accessible to all

    Our Vision: To see people of all nations experiencing a personal relationship with Christ, growing to be more like Him, and serving in a local body of His family

    Each year, hundreds of thousands of prisoners are provided with free copies of Our Daily Bread so that they can be spiritually encouraged by inspirational devotions and by spending time in God's Word each day. The prison population in the United States and Canada has now grown to over 2.4 million people, and the opportunity to touch lives for Christ is tremendous as prisoners are hungry for God's word. Our Daily Bread Ministries provides over 750,000 prisoners with free copies of Our Daily Bread each year in North America. the annual cost of providing Our Daily Bread to prisoners each month is $400,000 and only 19% of those cots are currently covered by designated donations. For every $1,000 donated, Our Daily Bread Ministries can provide 1,8000 prisoners with Our Daily Bread devotionals for one year.

  • RBM Ministries

    Al & Melisa Torres


    RBM Ministries, formerly Rural Bible Missions, began in the heart of a Michigan Pastor in the early thirties. B.F. Hitchcock caught the vision in a one-room country school north of Battle Creek. There he saw a mission field of boys and girls untouched by any church or Sunday school. In 1935, Hitchcock resigned from his church. With Bible in hand and drawing board under his arm, the "Bible Man" visited rural schools in several Michigan counties. Churches, schoolhouses and town halls opened their doors for Summer Bible Schools. By 1940, other men joined hands with Brother Hitchcock. In 1944, these men incorporated the rural Bible Mission in the State of Michigan. Today, as always, our missionaries are committed to a public school-oriented Christian ministry - in nearby churches on sat school time through Released Time Bible Classes. In addition, RBM offers a unique summer Vacation bible School program which through Biblical teaching presents the message of salvation and eternal life through personal faith in Jesus Christ. In these days of uncertainty and frustration,their missionary staff is called upon to exert the utmost effort in reaching youth with God's Word.

  • The Haven of Rest

    Battle Creek, MI


    Established in 1956 by Don and Wilma Chalfant as "The Haven of Rest Rescue Mission," The Haven originally provided meals, shelter and the gospel message to homeless men. The Haven has expanded to offer many innovative services to the ever changing homeless population, who need help in learning social self-sufficiency and productivity. These ministries now include emergency shelter, food, transitional housing, substance abuse treatment and case management. The Haven's ten key programs are The Men's Shelter; Women, Children and Family Shelter (Inasmuch House); the Gain Access Program to help homeless children gain life skills;p Adult Foster Care for 15 mentally ill men; Life Recovery Program, a long-term transitional housing program for single men that helps break the cycle of substance abuse; Women in New (WIN) Life transitional living program; The H.O.P.E Team, an outreach program to the community and the Calhoun County Jail Ministry. The Haven't newest ministries are the Veternas In Progress (V>I.P.) Program, and the Women's Life Recover Program (WLRP) They are excited to be reaching out, helping God's children in the community through these two newest ministries.

  • Woman At Risk (WAR) International


    WAR, International was officially founded in 2006. At that time, it had representation in 16 states and projects in 14 countries. Their mission is to unite and educate woman and children in areas of human trafficking and sexual slavery. From their own homes and office, WAR staff sold hand-crafted jewelry, made by and supporting the at-risk women they served. With stores now in Rockford and Wyoming, Michigan and Naperville, Illinois, WAR is expanding. WAR also operates a volunteer center at their headquarters. The volunteer center, home jewelry parties, and other forms of community involvement empower men, women and children to become circles of protection around those at risk, from where they live and work. With a growing recognition of local risk issues, WAR launched the US Training Center Pilot Program in 2013, offering steady employment and skills training to become a full-fledged training center for American Women. Today WAR is represented in all 50 states and over 40 countries. It's goal is to create circles of protection and hope around women and children at risk through culturally sensitive, value-added intervention projects.

  • Youth Haven Ranch


    Youth Haven is a non-denominational Christian outreach with a single purpose of meeting the needs of disadvantaged youth - free of charge. Because they work with children who do not have the means to pay for their stay at the Youth Haven Ranch, one of our founding principles was to provide these experiences to disadvantaged children free of charge. They rely on the generous hearts and financial love gifts from friends like you to help them meet the needs of the children they serve. At Youth Haven, they are committed to providing care, love, and hope for these disadvantaged boys and girls. With campuses in Michigan and Arizona, we have carefully designed their year-round on site children's programs, Kids Klub, after-school activities, Caring Clowns hospital outreach to show hurting children that God loves them, people care about them, and there is hope for the future! Each year, over 3,000 less fortunate children come to Youth Haven's campuses. And through ongoing follow-up efforts, they strive to keep them involved in our program and remain a stable positive influence in their lives.

  • Word Of Life Fellowship


    Nathan & Stephanie Raiche are our missionaries from Word of Life who oversee Eastern & Central Michigan. Since the day of Jack Wrytzen's (Word of Life's founder) salvation, God gave him a hunger for the Word and a burden for people to know Christ. Through Jack's contagious passion for life and truth, God allowed him to share the message of salvation literally around the world. This same passion continues today through the ministry of Word of Life. We use Word of Life's Local Church Children (Gopher Buddies & Olympians) and Teen Ministries in our church.

  • PIEI - Word of truth/Kenya            Joseph Wainaina                           (PIEI.org)

    Joseph is the Founder & Director of Word of Truth Pastors` Resource & Training Center in Kenya.  There are multitudes of untrained pastors in Kenya, and they run their churches based on what they know.  Unfortunately, what they know is limited.  It is not unusual for a Kenyan who has just come to know the Lord Jesus Christ to find himself pastoring a church of equally new believers.  These pastors have no resources to help them grow in the faith, nor are there resources available to train him how to effectively shepherd the flock.  For the majority of pastors there are no books, no training manuals, no tapes, no videos, no Bible study courses and no trained trainers; no resources of any kind are available to him.  The pastor may have a Bible, but often his copy is incomplete.  Despite the fact that there are several seminaries in Kenya,  most pastors could never  afford to attend, nor would they ever be admitted because of inadequate education.  Africa is at the epicenter of Christian growth today.  Hundreds are coming to Christ daily, but without proper follow - up and discipleship, new Christian churches soon become ineffective.  Biblical understanding is lacking, the role of a pastor and the proper functioning of the church are ambiguous, and mission outreach is flawed as it recycles the same shortcomings over and over.  Joseph`s  desire is to equip pastors in the word of God and in the work of ministry in a way that produces reverence for God and a passion for discipling  others.  There is a great need in Kenya for quality pastor-training.  A pastor not only needs to know the Word of God, but he also needs to properly understand the role of pastor.  He needs to understand how God has designed the church to function so that every member of the body of Christ is being enabled to do the work of ministry.  Pastor Joseph is passionate about  effectively equipping pastors in their personal walk with Christ and in their roles as pastors.  His desire is to combine the pastors` existing zeal with knowledge that transforms and seeks to equip others.


    Jesus Is The Rock Of Israel. "Brothers, my heart`s deepest desire and my prayer to God for Israel is for their salvation: for I can testify to their zeal for God: Romans 10:1. The Rock of Israel is dedicated to reaching Jewish people with the good news that their Messiah has come and will soon return!  We proclaim JESUS in a distinctly JEWISH way. Jesus, the Rock of Israel, is the Jewish Messiah.  He was born to the Jewish people and sent out to minister among them, to preach a Jewish message.  Like Him, we long to communicate God`s eternal message in a way that will draw Israel (the Jewish People) back to its solid foundation.  We offer a variety of educational programs to edify Believers and help them to understand their Jewish heritage.  Through sermons, teachings, demonstrations, and visual presentations, ROCK OF ISRAEL shares the exciting message of God`s Word concerning Israel and Believers.  As scriptures are presented in a Jewish context in which they were originally given, Believers will grow in their commitment to the will and plan of God.  (rockofisrael.org).

  • Shoe box Ministry - Judi Francis

    Operation Christmas Child is one of the many ministries started by Samaritan`s Purse.  By filling up a shoebox with toys, school supplies, hygiene items, and clothes/accessories, these boxes go to children ages 2-14 in more than 100 countries,.  In the hands of local churches, every gift filled shoebox is a powerful tool for evangelism and discipleship.  Along with their shoebox gift, children also receive "The Greatest Gift", a colorful presentation  of the Gospel in their own language.  In 2016, 11,485,662 boxes were distributed , including our church that does over 300 shoeboxes every year. (425 in `17)? 

  • The Wears - Portugal - David & Michelle           (wearsportugal.com                        

    We are independent, Baptist, Church Planting Missionaries.  Our long term plan is to plant a local, autonomous Baptist Church where genuine believers can meet to worship God, edify each other, and evangelize their community for the ultimate glory of our LORD Jesus Christ.  Our immediate short term plan is to learn the language and culture in Portugal, establish relationships in the community of Alcochete, Portugal, start a bible study in our home in Alcochete and lay the foundation for a church.