Our Worship Services

What we believe about God determines how we spend our time, and at First Baptist, we spend a lot of time in Worship to our God. Worship goes beyond songs and prayer, although those are important - it is wholeheartedly allowing our lives to be used for God's glory. We find that if this priority isn't first, nothing else will line up as it should in our lives.

Traditional: 8:30-9:30am

With a traditional feel, this service combines specials from the choir with the traditional hymns of our faith. Led with a baby grand piano and organ, this service reminds us of the traditions of the past and of the traditions that will last in the future as we worship the Almighty God.

Contemporary: 11:00am-Noon

With a contemporary feel, this service includes newly written worship anthems, early worship choruses and the rock solid messages of popular hymns of our faith., Led with a piano, guitars, and drums, this service leads the congregation in worship of our God.

Sunday Messages

We are blessed to have Pastor Don bring us God's Word on a weekly basis. He blends in humor, stories, and examples from his life with the rock solid words of God's Word, the Bible. We encourage you to set aside 1/2 hour of your time and listen to what God has to say to you. Or better yet, come join us this Sunday!

Current Series: Worship